dinsdag 31 januari 2012

second hand shopping

Last Saturday I went treasure hunting at the secondhandshop.
 I love it because you never know what you might find!
This time I surprisingly dug up some nice toys and a 1960's Disney book of Mary Poppins.
I'm always so exited when I come home with my treasures!
 My husband and son always ask: "what are you going to do with it?" and "where will you put it?".
My answers are a bit vague, because I don't know that myself most of the time.
 But in the end I always find some use for it and if not: it makes me happy, I find that a good enough reason to take all this stuff home with me!

I found this wooden box with building blocks.
 It's exactly the same we used to play with when we
stayed at my grandparents! Brings back good memories..
I find that the memories I have of when I was a child are very intense!
When I see this box it is not just a memory but it gives me a very good feeling as well.
Hmm, sounds like I'm getting old!

And then there was Mary whom I couldn't resist.
I don't have any memories about her, I just liked the look of the pictures!

I also found this lotto game. When I was little I loved the "Fabeltjeskrant".
It was a popular childrens programme on Dutch television, with animated animals.
They were a kind of stuffed animals that hopped over the screen like hand puppets,
but they were really nice individual characters.

In the middle there's a picture of "mister Owl", who reads the newspaper to the children.
He was the one who told all the stories about what was going on in the woods where they all lived.
On the card it says that he is called "Jacob", I didn't remember that at all!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I remember it very good ,,fabeltjes krant ,,Every day around 7 pm just before kids bedtime .
    Where did you find this ?

    1. Hoi Bea,
      Ja, vaste prik voor het slapen gaan!
      Ik vond het in de kringloopwinkel bij ons in de buurt.