woensdag 18 januari 2012

where would we be without books, mums and friends?

I recently bought myself this wonderful crochetbook.
It's full of good ideas and the pictures make you want to run to the closest yarn store
and buy enough to make every pattern yourself!

These two Dutch books I use to learn new stitches.
They were the first books that helped me to start this "new" craft.
And there was the patient help of my mum as well of course!

In Nicki Trench's book I found my next little chrochet project:
a nice and practical hook holder.
I don't have one yet so it's a lovely present for myself I think!

Every Thursday my crafty friends and I come together for cups of tea,coffee, lots of
talking and laughter and last but not least: the fun of making stuff!
At the moment our main thing is crochet, but we also make felt things .
One of them, Nicole, is a professional potter and once in a while we make clay sculptures
which is also great fun to do!

But for tomorrow: I will pick some pretty colours from my yarn stash and have a go
at the needle holder pattern!

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