dinsdag 17 januari 2012

crochet and daffodils

Yesterday I couldn't resist an offer at the supermarket so I came home with
 two pots of  daffodils in my shoppingbag; spring was in the air!
Well in my head anyway, it was still freezing...
But those lovely bulbs came in a plastic brown flowerpot so you can probably guess what happened:
I made the daffodils a nice, colourful jacket! Looks much better if I may say so myself...


......and after! I think the colours will look fab with the yellow flowers.

It's really easy to make, same pattern as a jar jacket and to cover the rim I made a few extra rows with double crochet.
This one is a little present for my mum and dad. Now I have to make a second one for our own home because I'd like to have one myself as well!

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