vrijdag 14 oktober 2016

Five on Friday: good to be back!

Hello lovelies!
Long time ago, again... I am so sorry for my long absence every time but I am 
so distracted by other things, and there is Instagram as well.
It's so much quicker and easier to drop a photo and a line a day by just using your phone.
Makes me a bit lazy I guess....

Anyway, as you can see, I switched to English again because that translate button makes
a mess of translating and all you get is some rubbish pile of words!
Well, even more than my own effort to do so :-).

Of course lots of things happened in the meantime and I will pick a few random things that 
I like to share with you.

Number one has to be our new addition to the cat family!

Her name is Wiske and we got her from an animal rescue centre.
She and her mum and siblings were discovered on a farm and taken to the animal shelter.
Wiske was in a foster home for a while to get her used to people and their behaviour and now she 
is a very lovely little girl to have around.

I have to say we couldn't have done it without Catoo!
She is so sweet with Wiske and learnt her everything she can and cannot do in this household.
Pippi on the other hand is really bossy and still goes her own way.
But that's perfectly allright, she never really liked other cats anyway, 
she just tolerates them.

On number two some crochet, potholders to be precise.
I really liked making them and they are already in good use in the kitchen!
If you like to make them too, here is where you can find the pattern.
I think this one is only in Dutch, but there are numerous patterns like this available
for free on the internet, also in English.

Number three is some more crochet, a scarf this time!
It's that time of year again to wrap up in something warm...
It has to be a lot colder first before I wear this one though.
It's made from merino wool; 
I dyed it myself, then carded it, spun it, twined it and finally
I could crochet this scarf, phew! 
I loved the whole process, it's really fun to do it all.
Because I didn't quite knew how much wool I had in the end I just made this pattern
up as I went; fortunately I really like the result!

Number four I'd like to show you is something I felted and embroidered.

It's also for sale, by the way ;-).

And as the last subject I choose some garden(related) pictures.
We are still so lucky with the weather!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend dearies!
And thank you so much Amy for making Five on Friday possible 
every time! 

28 opmerkingen:

  1. Liebe Stins,
    wie niedlich deine Katzen! Das Bild mit dem Koffer und den zwei Süßen ist allerliebst!
    Deine Häkelarbeiten sind auch wieder wunderschön! Die Topflappen ein richtiger Hingucker! Am schönsten finde ich jedoch dein gefilztes Bild!!!! Einfach wundervoll und lieb sieht es aus!
    Herzensgrüassli und Hugs

    1. Dankeschön liebe Yvonne! Für deine Worten und Besuch....
      Ich komm dich auch noch besuchen! Ich hoffe das du diese Worten begreifen kann :-).... Mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut! Lots of love from Mirjam.

  2. What a wonderful five. I love your crochet scarf, stunning. Have a great weekend.

  3. Lovely to see you back Stins...I missed you. Wiske is so beautiful and how lovely that Catoo has taken her under her wing. (paw!) You've been busy! I must get back to my crochet....your potholders are delightful...and so is your English by the way! xx

    1. Thanks so much dear Fiona! Looking forward to see you too!
      Lots of love from Mirjam.

  4. Wonderful to have found you through Amy's FonF as I love all your makes (& cats too!). Wiske appears to have settled in well. Off to find you on Instagram now.......

  5. Wonderful makes! The felted and embroidered hoop is adorable! Hope you have a great weekend.

  6. Bless you for rescuing another kitty. I'm sure she's very grateful.

  7. Some beautiful photos, your makes look great!

  8. Hej Mirjam, ik had poes nr. 3 al gespot op instagram, wat een leukje en een goed vriendinnetje voor Catoo,
    mooie haakwerken weer en fijn weer een berichtje van je te lezen, voelt net als een gezellig buurpraatje!
    Schattig vogeltje ook, lijkt me leuk, dat vilten.
    Heb een fijn weekend,
    liefs van Betsy

  9. Thanks so much for a lovely post! I admire what you have shown us, and I too, have enjoyed processing wool and crocheting with it. Your hoop creation is so pretty, and I have never done any sort of felting on purpose, or done much embroidery either, so I especially admire your skill.

  10. he miriam, leuk je weer te lezen. Ik had ook weinig geblogt de laatste tijd er is idd zoveel te doen...Prachtige foto´s. Fijn weekend groetjes martine

  11. Gezellige vijf!
    Leuk om weer een blogje van je hand te lezen.
    Lieve groetjes,

  12. Dear Mirjam
    What a lovely post. Wiske looks so sweet and it's lovely that Catoo has accepted her so well. Gorgeous photos of them. Also lovely photos of your craft projects and your garden. I hope this nice weather continues.
    Best wishes

  13. Beautiful images! I giggled when I saw the first image ... your new kitty on top of your lovely afghans. Fun! All your kitties are beautiful ... cats are special, aren't they?! Your crochet is lovely and to dye your own wool ... wow! The little bird is precious. You are very talented ... so many lovely "needle-arts". Your garden is lovely. Enjoy and have a great week!

  14. What a good thing of you, to rescue Wiske!
    I have got 4 cats, not from a rescue centre, but they came to our house theirselves, homeless and hungry. You get so much love from those poor cats!
    Nice pictures again, all of them!
    And welcome back ;-)
    Have a nice day, Sigrid

  15. wat een mooi vogeltje!! Met gemengde technieken Prachtig

  16. So lovely to see you back my friend. Your new little cat is just a beauty, so glad she has adjusted so well to your home. Love all that you have made.

  17. Hè lekker weer bijgepraat. Prachtige sjaal! En ja, Catoo is nog steeds mijn hartediefje.

  18. Oh wat fijn, weer een berichtje van jou! Ik maakte me echt wat zorgen (ik heb geen instagram). Maar zo te zien heb je weer van allerlei dingen (mee)gemaakt. Wat heerlijk, nog een poezebeest erbij! Die foto met zn tweetjes in de koffer is geweldig. :) En wat een leuke maaksels. Petje af voor dat zelf spinnen en verven etc! En ja, met de herfstkleuren is dec tuin ook wel weer prachtig!
    Groetjes Lizette

    1. Ha lieve Lizette, maak je vooral geen zorgen, ik blog 'gewoon' niet zoveel meer.....
      Insta kun je ook zo bekijken, alleen kun je geen commentaar achterlaten als je zelf geen account hebt.
      Heel erg bedankt voor je bezoek en lieve commentaar weer, dat waardeer ik heel erg!
      Groetjes van Mirjam.

    2. Wat lief, Dank je wel! groetjes terug ;)

  19. Hello Mirjam so lovely to see you! Your pretty makes are delightful, and your new kitty is very cute. Love your felted picture and gorgeous scarf. Wishing you a happy Autumn.
    Helen xox

  20. Wonderful to have found you through Amy's FonF as I love all your makes (& cats too!). Wiske appears to have settled in well. Off to find you on Instagram now.......


  21. Super cute!!! Thank you for joining us at Love to Scrap, good luck!!!



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