frog tutorial

This is my first ever attempt to write a crochet tutorial, so I hope it makes any sense!
(if not: please don't hesitate to say so!)
Anyway, my son and I created this clicker-frog toy together: he had the idea of making the click sound with a jarlid and together we thougt it might be fun to make a crochet frog of it. Super simple, but I haven't seen it before so I thought it would be nice to share it with you.
In Dutch the word for "frog" is "kikker", so we call this design: Klikker!

I used:

  • crochethook nr.3
  • cottonthread, several colours green and a bit of black and cream for the eyes.
  • jar lid
  • some fibrefill for stuffing the eyes.             
Start with a magic ring.
Make 5 dc (double crochet) in ring and join with ss (slip stitch)

Round 1.
Chain 3, 1 tr (treble)  in same stitch.
 2 tr in every stitch (total of 12).
 Join with ss in top of chain.

Round 2. 
Chain 3, 1 tr in same stitch.
2 tr in every stitch. (total of  24)
Join with ss in top of chain.

If you want to use different colours you can change colour like this:
Fasten off the colour you are working with.
Push your hook in first stitch from front to back.
Pull the loop of other colour through stitch and chain 3, like you would do normally.

Round 3.
Chain 3, 1 tr in same stitch.
*1 tr in next stitch, then 2 tr in next.
Repeat from *. ( total of 36)
Join with ss in top of chain.

Round 4.
Chain 3, 1 tr in same stitch.
* 1 tr in next two stitches, 2 in next.
Repeat from *. (total of 48)
Join with ss in top of chain.

Round 5.
Chain 3, 1 tr in same stitch.
* 1 tr in next 3 stitches, 2 tr in next. 
Repeat  from *. ( total of 60)
Join with ss in top of  chain and fasten off.

If  the round you just made isn't big enough to cover the lid then add another round ( or two or three or...)
When all is the way you want it, sew in all ends and make round number two in the same size!

After this it's eyeball making time.
And the way I did it has a name: amigurumi.
It is not my prefered way of crocheting ( a bit to small and twiddly widdly) but I have to admit it's ideal
for making tiny things like frogs eyeballs.....

If you did this before you know what to do, but for those who haven't, I tried to explain how it's done.
(well, how I do it anyway :-) )

Here we go:
Start with cream cotton thread.
  • Make a magic ring.
  • Make 6 dc in ring.
  • Put marker in first stitch.
  • 2 dc in every stitch (12) until the stitchmarker.
  • 2 dc in every second stitch (18)
Change colour, I used green.
Hopefully these pictures will help you understand how I try to blend in the next colour.

Start the next dc with cream...

.... then change the cream thread to the green one,

....and finish the dc stitch with the green,

like this.

  • Crochet all. (18)
  • Crochet all. (18)
  • Crochet all. (18)
  • Crochet second and third together.
Now fill the eye with stuffing, I used fibrefill.
Crochet the first and second stitch together all the way round .
To stitch two dc together I push the hook through the front loop of the first dc and then through the back loop 
of the second dc, like so:

pull back thread and make a dc.
When the dc's are done , fasten off and leave a long thread.
Use a sewing needle and sew through remaining stitches, pull and secure.
Still leave a long end for securing the eye to the circle.

Stick it though the eye (eeks !!) like in the above picture, it's in a better position now for sewing it on to the body later on.
Use some black yarn to finish off the first eye, then start with eye number two!

When the eyes are ready, sew them to one of the circles.
Put circles together with the wrong sides inside.
To join them together, make one dc into each stitch putting the hook through both sides.

When you are about halfway the circle you can put the lid inside and carry on making dc's.
When ready fasten off and sew in the ends.
Now your clicker-frog is ready! Have fun!

If you like your frog better with legs, then it looks someting like this:

I have written a tutorial for the legs already, I'll put it on this page soon.